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My Mission

To Accompany You

My aim is to accompany you on your journey to evolve and empower yourself, may it be to unleash your potential and/or to calm ailments of the body and mind. I believe that you have all the keys to become whole, but sometimes there are obstacles on the road. Therefore, I can accompany you in finding the doors. It is through an integrative approach, which merges body and mind as well as scientific theories with contemplative practices, that we can work together to co-construct something that suits your needs.

Trust your Resources, Return to your Source, Develop your Potential

Prices List


Please contact me if you have any question or need more information regarding the prices



Psychology Consultation (60 min): 60€

Yoga Therapy (+/- 60min): 60€

Yoga and Meditation

Individual Class (private): 50€ (+ travel expenses)

Group Class (private): based on n° of participants (+ travel expenses)


Yoga is a holistic practice, a way of life.
It teaches us how to live and shapes our everyday life.

Meditation and Mindfulness

Observe, Find Stillness, Come back to the Source