My name is Jessica. I am from Belgium but have lived and travelled the world for the past 10 years. Since a very young age I have always been interested in the link between the mind and the body. I always believed in their powerful relationship and the influence they have on each other.

My Yoga journey started in 2012 with my first Vipassana retreat. I could say this retreat created a shift. Even though I had always been fascinated by the invisible world and its impact on us, this experience showed me something different – a stillness, an inner “understanding” that made me realize “Wow, I need to share this with people!”.

After my Bachelor, I went to India, Dharmsala, to do my Yoga Teacher training (200hrs) with Parimukti Yoga School. I then moved to Australia and completed a Meditation Teaching Certification (Level 1) with the LifeFlow Meditation Center in Adelaide.

I have been teaching classes and offering workshops in different parts of the world (Belgium, The Netherlands, Australia, and The United States). I have worked in many settings, from yoga studios, to cultural centres, festivals, wellness camps, health institutions, and corporations, and thus with a range of people. I have been teaching to adults mainly but have also acquired experience with children and young adults (12-24 years old) and the elderly. This is why I offer a Morning Stretch class which is open for everyone to enjoy!

The classes I offer put a strong focus on combining breath with movement, as the grounding rule in Yoga: “Breath is the most important”. The classes flow in a gentle, stable, yet dynamic way. I was trained in multistyle and thus am able to offer a range of classes from Hatha, Ashtanga/Vinyasa, Yin, to Gentle Flow, etc. For the meditation part, I was trained by the LifeFlow Meditation Center taking its roots in the Burmese and Tibetan traditions. Yet, what I teach mainly resembles what is more widely known as mindfulness.

In parallel with the yoga teachings, I am currently doing a second Master in Clinical Psychology at the Université Catholique de Louvain. During my studies (in The Netherlands and Australia), I have tried to investigate and create a bridge between ancient practices and contemporary sciences. I have studied and researched the effects of meditation and yoga on our brain, our genetics, and our mental health. I find it fascinating! Currently, I am undergoing a Yoga Therapy Training (1000hrs) with Dr. Kausthub Desikachar (son of TKV Desikachar).