Since a very young age, I have always been interested in the link between the mind, the body, and the spirit. I always believed in their powerful relationship and the influence they have on each other.

Throughout my studies, I have tried to investigate and create a bridge between ancient practices and contemporary sciences in order to gain a deeper understanding about the individual. I have studied and researched the effects of meditation and yoga on our brain, our genetics, and our mental health. On a personal level, I have also engaged in various practices (specifically Yoga) in order to gain an understanding at an experiential level. While I have always been fascinated by the invisible world and its impact on us; these practices showed me something different – a stillness, an inner “understanding” that triggered a purpose to share this with other people. Therefore, as a therapist, this is what I aim to share, an understanding about how the invisible world, our spirit, can influence us, and also guide us in our evolution.

I am a clinical psychologist working from an integrative approach. I combine tools and practices engaging the mind, the body, and the spirit in order for people to gain a deeper understanding about themselves. My aim is to accompany you on all levels (emotional, physical, mental, and spiritual) for you to reach your potential and let go of the obstacles on the way. We will do this together, in a co-constructive way, to understand what is blocking you and learn from it in order to evolve and empower yourself. I am also a movement therapist, working specifically with the tools of yoga and/or dance so that, through movement, you can learn to trust your resources, find your fire, and reach your potential.

I accompany individuals struggling with any type of suffering may it be stress, burnout, anxiety, depression, emotions, identity, life changes, relationships, self-esteem, body image, etc.

I also teach yoga and meditation. I have been trained in India and Australia, as well as in Belgium. The yoga I propose focuses on combining breath and movement, as the grounding rule in Yoga says: “Breath is the most important”. The classes flow in a gentle, stable, yet dynamic way. Regarding meditation, I was trained in the Burmese and Tibetan traditions, so what I teach mainly resembles what is more widely known as mindfulness. To conclude, I would like to add a few words on dance. Dance has always been part of my life. I used to dance in a company as a teenager, and now I have decided to include it in my professional practice. So many things can be expressed through creative movements, sometimes more than words can.