Yoga Therapy

A yoga therapy session aims at reducing ailments of the body, mind, and spirit. It invites one to develop their potential. Usually, a session starts with an authentic exchange, some questions, and respectful observations. After, I will develop your personal yoga practice that we will do together to ensure movements, alignments and breath. Finally, you will go back home with the session so that you can safely practice on your own. Depending on your request of help, we will define how often we have to see each other, in order to adjust your practice over time based on your evolving needs.

Kalyana Therapies proposes the Starter Pack, which includes 3 sessions (150€). A session usually lasts 45 min to an 1 hour, although the first one may be longer to get to know you better. The aim with the starter pack is to foster commitment to your healing journey, to yourself, and to our collaboration throughout this process. A session costs 60€.

Yoga therapy is proposed as a private individual session.

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