Kalyana Therapies offers a range of programs and workshops inspired by a specific theme or in collaboration with other people. Don’t hesitate to share your ideas of themes or things you would like to learn, practice, etc. I am open to suggestions, so let’s create together! 🙂

8-week Program: Yoga Off the Mat

4th of November – 23rd December (Fridays 6.30pm to 8.30pm)

An 8-week program designed to learn about what Yoga really is, not only in the classroom, but more importantly off the mat, so in your everyday life. Yoga is often understood and described as a physical practice that aims to bring peace of mind and relaxation, but also aims to build flexibility and muscles. This is not totally true. With this 8-week program we will dive into the True meaning of Yoga, and go over its ethical and moral principles, or in other words the guidelines of how to live a healthy life. Each 2-hour class will include a theoretical and practical component. We will go over the definition of yoga according to ancient Vedic texts, each ethical and moral principle and its application in our modern life, as well as posture, meditative, and respiratory practices to help you build a healthy routine. All of these aspects will be accompanied by daily journaling exercises regarding your experience and feelings throughout this 8-week process.


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