Psychology Counseling

As a certified clinical psychologist, I offer psychological consultations from an integrative approach.

I combine various elements of cognitive behavioral therapy and body-oriented practices to offer an integrative guidance. All sessions have a therapeutic purpose, meaning that they aim for an evolution and empowerment of the person. In other words, I accompany individuals wanting to start a therapeutic process at the physical, psychological, emotional, and/or spiritual level. The aim of the consultations is to understand, where possible, what is happening, find ways to deal with what is creating an obstacle, and finally be able to free ourselves from the weight it creates. Exchange through speech, movements, specific actions, and the use of various tools guide my therapeutic work.  I work with various issues may it be related to stress, anxiety, depression, burnout, relationships, life changes, body image, emotions, sleep, food, etc.

Don’t hesitate to first reach out via phone +32489195018, or email [email protected]

Cost: 60€ for 60 minutes session

Reimbursement: Depending on your health insurance, psychology session can be reimbursed up to a certain amount, for a specific number of sessions. See examples below:

  • Partenamut: 20€/session; up to 360€/year, so a total of 16 sessions
  • Mutualité Chrétienne: 20€/session; up to 360€/year, so a total of 16 sessions
  • Solidaris: 20€/session; up to 400€/year
  • Mutualités Libérales: 20€/session; up to 120€/year, so a total of 6 sessions
  • HELAN: 10€/session; up to 12 sessions per year
  • For others insurance, please refer to their terms & conditions. We can discuss about it to see what reimbursement is available for you.

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