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Kalyana Therapies offers a range of classes (in-studio and online). Find what suits your needs and come practice!

Schedules and classes may be subject to change.

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What do I need for an online class?

  • A device to follow the class (phone, tablet, computer);
  • Something you can practice on (e.g. yoga mat, sports mat, carpet);
  • Comfy clothes;
  • Cushions (if you don’t have a bolster);
  • Hardcover Books (if you don’t have yoga blocks);
  • Belt (if you don’t have a yoga belt);
  • A blanket for the relaxation (i.e. savasana);
  • Relaxing music to put in the background;
  • Be creative to practice in a comfortable environment (candles, dimmed light, essential oils, etc.) 🙂

To keep in mind

  • Mute your microphone when you enter the virtual classroom.
  • Camera can be on or off.
  • If technical issue: wave at the camera, send a message in the chat zone. If we can’t resolve the issue during the class leave the room and contact us via email.


Please keep in mind that I cannot adjust you in a virtual class so by joining the class you accept to be mindful and respect your limits. Your body is your temple.